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Crema Bella Special™ designs dazzling minaudières and rich moisturizers that awaken the beauty in your skin! Scroll to learn more about our products.

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Crema Bella Special™

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Awaken the beauty in your skin. Pamper your skin with Crema Bella Special™ Satin, Velvet, and Damask luxury face moisturizer and fall in love with your skin again


Velvet is enriched with cocoa butter, so it absorbs quickly and easily, is non greasy, anti-inflammatory, and helps your skin weather the signs of aging

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Damask is a lightweight moisturizer enriched with shea butter and cocoa butter; its decadent, whipped texture delivers intense nourishment while improving the skin’s elasticity

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Satin is lightweight, non-greasy, and rich in mineral oils that help reduce water loss from your skin, so that your skin stays soft, moisturized, and healthy all day

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luxury minaudières perfect for any occasion

Dárà is our collection of exquisite minaudières for the most refined tastes. Peerless materials crafted into elegant designs gives beauty that makes you stand out.

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